Holistic Wellness Services

It is our belief that God has placed everything on this earth that we need to be healthy. With that being said, Heavenly Touch Wellness strives to help you maintain natural health and wellness by understanding the basic foundational things that you can do for wellness.

Heavenly Detox Foot Bath: $50 (Session includes your detoxifying foot bath, followed by a light Aromatherapy Foot Massage)

Fascia Blaster Technique: $45 and up

Ear Seeds: $20 – $35: Auriculotherapy uses the acupressure points of your ears to address certain conditions including backpain, anxiety, smoking cessation, weight loss, etc. Take home ear seed kits also available.

Holistic Wellness Session: $50 – includes initial wellness questionnaire, pH analysis and consultation

Heavenly Yoni Steams: $75

Bioenergetic Assessments: $60 and up


DISCLAIMER: Services are not intended to treat or diagnose any condition or illness.



Please note, prices subject to change. Please check our website frequently for the most current pricing details.

Payment due upon receipt of service. Cash, Check, or Major Credit Cards are accepted.